The Best Plants For The Bathroom According To Feng Shui

If we wish, all the corners of our home can be used to the maximum, having some plants that help us fill our space with life, especially by purifying the air, and if we want to venture a little more, some can also give us some fruits, which is perfect.

However, we must admit that there is a place in our space that is always usually forgotten and put almost last and we do not give it much attention, aimed especially at those who love plants: the bathroom.

The Best Plants For The Bathroom According To Feng Shui

But, although we did not know it, it is an ideal place to have them, because it has totally different conditions from the rest of the home, for example, humidity; because it has the characteristics of being an energetic place that is very important and that we must not neglect or forget. Definitely, the best will be when the correct and suitable plants are chosen that allow us to have a feeling of relaxation and well-being in that intimate and everyday moment like taking a bath.

For this reason, below, you will find out which are those most recommended plants that you can place in the bathroom, especially taking into account feng shui, which recommends them 100% so that energy circulates in your home and in the best way, but also because of their ease of adaptation to growing in environments with these qualities.


The first one is bamboo. As we already know, bathrooms are generally places that do not have much natural light, because they do not have windows or because they only have one that is not large. For this reason, the plants that are there do not need too much care or have direct contact with the sun to grow.

For this reason, bamboo is a plant that grows without problems in these conditions, and in addition, feng shui highly recommends its location in this space, because it maintains adequate energy. The most advisable thing is to place it in a place where it is reflected in the mirror.


According to feng shui claims, a lot of positive energy literally goes down the toilet. But this plant can significantly help regulate this process of energy loss that is caused by this drain.

Its name: philodendron, it may sound very strange, and perhaps you have not heard it before, but it is a perfect plant because it does not require so much care and it also grows in humid environments, therefore its location in the bathroom is perfect.


Surely, your tastes lean a little more for flowers and you want to place them in the bathroom, although the process is a bit complicated, you can choose a flower called: Peace Lily, it is white, a beautiful flower that grows easily without a lot of care, and best of all, it has a role of purifying energies.


This plant is commonly known as the snake plant, and it is one of those that support and resists the humidity and low light conditions that are present in the bathroom.

The best of all is that with its presence you will have incredible support to purify the air, therefore this plant is also recommended to include in our bedrooms.


This plant is not a friend of darkness at all, but if it perfectly resists the lighting present indoors, it would be best to place it in the bathroom with a little natural light and it will be very good.

The best thing about POTUS is that you will not even place it in a pot, you can place it in a container with water and you will begin to see how it takes root, in a simple way as a hydroponic culture.


Believe it or not, all plants grow well in low light, so in general, they can be located in the bathroom. Ferns and ivy are perfect if you have furniture with a lot of space on which they could spread out, since they give that green touch that undoubtedly inspires you to feel cleanliness, vitality in your environment that perhaps it is not so common to feel this type of feelings.


Although we know that orchids are very exotic flowers and that they require a lot of care, it can even be said that they are strict, the idea of ​​placing these flowers in the bathroom could be bad. However, they come from jungle environments, and they are a mixture between humidity, heat, there is relative darkness, therefore, if you give them the correct attention and know more about it, they can grow in the bathroom, giving it a different touch with its beauty.

In conclusion, we found that in this space of our home we can play a little with the location of certain plants that can be kept naturally, without complications in the bathroom. We would never have imagined that under feng shui these plants were sources of energy, so we must take advantage of these properties and venture to give a different touch to this space in our home.