Rustic Style Bathroom Fixtures

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Rustic Style Bathroom Fixtures - There are architects, interior designers, and even decorators who are looking to the past to find new ways to decorate one of the most important areas of the house: the bathroom. We refer to a trend towards the old, towards the vintage that mixes certain accessories with the new use of pieces that are practically forgotten by centuries recently.
Vintage or rustic, it is practically the same trend, the love of old things to give it a new use, finding a difference from everyday life. Surely with this style, you will differentiate yourself and you will achieve by giving shape and style to your home because surely, your entire house responds to that trend in its entirety.


 Rustic Style Bathroom Fixtures

These bathrooms are characterized by using pieces and materials from the past such as wooden floors and ceilings, wooden toilet legs, as well as old models, along with metal punch bowls or old dressers that take a second existence among new pieces...

The point is to look for a design or architecture professional who can guide and support you in achieving the best proposal depending on your budget and the dimensions to adapt. The encouragement or motivation will make you achieve the decoration of your bathroom so that it is functional and very pleasant.


One of the modern decoration proposals is to give objects a new life. Perhaps an old mirror that has lost its shine, a chipped frame, a metal tray, or that broken photo frame can be one of the accessories for your decoration. The older the better. They will become your ally. Antique vases, ewer, or bathtubs of peltries are the touch that your decoration needs. Do not underestimate any detail. Everything counts when we want to return to the past.


The combination of various shades of wood on the floors, ceiling and a wall, give the feeling of living in an old house, where the warmth and color of the wood invite you to relax. Victorian beveled glass windows, a wood-topped toilet, a metal-lined tub, and a wooden cabinet supported by two punch-bowl sinks complete the setting. The touches are lamps with lampshades and mirrors with wooden frames.


When you have spaces decorated like this, it is as if you will enter a time loop, where everyday scenes are repeated. The air is melancholy or perhaps nostalgic for those who have left or because certain ways and practices of life no longer exist. But, modernism chooses those that will allow you to feel comfortable with the best of the best.
In this case, we are talking about a bathroom characterized by a predominantly ceiling with long dark planks and a beaten ceiling that will add depth. A table made of masonry supports two basin punch bowls, at the same time that it becomes shelves to put the linen on. The shower is divided by an incomplete wall without doors that will allow you to exit without obstacles.


This is a proposal that takes the best of the past and turns it into multi-colored pieces in worn layers of paint. White walls serve as a background to show the beauty in the mix of large format mirror frames, faded doors, and windows where the mix of color matches. A wooden counter is a great support for the stone basin sinks, in the same conditions, it is the toilet. Romanticism.


This was a very strong trend in the past. In decades past the bathrooms were white and as we modernize, the color takes on accessories and tiles. Now, again, we return to the color white, the protagonist of cleanliness and hygiene. Complemented with wooden furniture you will achieve the appropriate decoration. Some wicker baskets, a two-leaf window in light wood and a piece of furniture to sit on, also in white and wicker, do the job. A bathroom of this style communicates hygiene and tranquility.


Another very European proposal, longing for stone houses, where their walls were the guardians of those who lived in them, a cement floor collaborates with the image of yesteryear. A wooden cabinet without drawers doubles as shelves for towels. A large-format mirror with a white wooden frame tempts anyone to reflect on it. Creamy, subdued walls complete the Parisian atmosphere.


This is another proposal where the high floors of the apartments of yesteryear break the bubble of time. We refer to these spaces with sloping ceilings that call for privacy. The white color lightens the atmosphere and the white countertops and accessories add character to it.
We hope this article has been to your liking and help, if so, please, don't forget to like us. We will meet in another delivery of decoration.

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