How to light a bathroom

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Our bathroom is one of the most important spaces in our home. It is a very intimate place, in which we carry out our most essential activities, and in which we prepare to face our day today, but it is also usually our choice when we need to relax at the end of our day. For this reason, it is extremely important, almost essential, that we give it a lot of attention and give it our personal touch when decorating it, obviously without forgetting the dedication that this deserves.

Despite being a place that we use on a daily basis, the bathroom is a super important space beyond that, because it gives us moments of relaxation that we need so much, those moments in which we want to be a little away from everyday life. And to achieve balance in this environment, the decoration is undoubtedly the protagonist, especially the subject of lighting, a delicate and rational aspect, which must be managed correctly to maintain what we already have. But do you know how we should perform this enlightenment? Or how it should be? What lights should we use, where should we place them? These doubts will be dispelled below, and with this, you can make your bathroom an even more special place. Source


Every day our bathroom requires us to maintain a certain comfort and evolve in terms of renovation. Like many, we spend a lot of time in this space, we prepare slowly, we take care of ourselves daily, but above all, none of this was bearable if we did not feel comfortable in it.

For this reason, lighting is super important, but be careful, it should not be excessive, nor too harsh or radical. Additionally, having good lighting will help space look wider, and that each of the decorative elements that make it up shine in all its splendor.


There is a reality that we cannot hide, and that is that many houses have small bathrooms and that many of them do not have a window to the street. But if you are lucky enough to have a window in this space of your home, take advantage of natural light. It is definitely the key to this space to transform and be a super cozy place.

But, if on the other hand, you do not have windows in your bathroom, do not think that this can be a problem, since it would be your turn to act, and create comfortable lighting, using pleasant lights in a natural tone, they should not be too white and not too yellowish. The best thing to do is to choose a shade and intensity that are very similar to natural light.


The lighting in your bathroom, as I already mentioned, should be as natural as possible, so the tones should be soft tones, which resembles the colors as similar as possible. As for the most suitable color temperature for these types of spaces, experts recommend that it be between 2,700 k and 3,000 k and that it never exceeds 3,500 k.

Therefore, you should plan lights on your ceiling, placed in a way that does not create shadows. If your bathroom is small, it will only be enough to place a single light on the ceiling and, if it is large, you can place several lights recessed. As an additional recommendation, you can also have a light regulator, it will give you the option of adjusting the intensity of the lights when lighting your bathroom. This is because you do not want to have the same light that you use in the morning when having a relaxing bath.


It would be very absurd to think that the issue of lighting in the bathroom will be solved by placing only one light for everything. And the reality is that you will need several practical and effective light sources for each moment.

The specific lights that should not be missing: those that illuminate the mirror, because they will help you when you put on makeup, shave or groom yourself. This lighting is important not to dazzle, so the bulbs and fixtures should not be directed towards the mirror. On the other hand, the best areas to illuminate this area is: from the ceiling or from the walls, you can use adjustable spotlights or those that are fixed.


As we already know when planning bathroom lighting, we must always take into account that it is a very humid area and that therefore, we must take care of its safety. Choose lights that are special for water spaces, especially if they are located near the bathtub or shower. In the same way, everything will be at your discretion, but mainly evaluate the lights that are placed above the bathtub, because they could be annoying, especially when giving you a bubble bath.

In conclusion, the lighting in our bathroom is essential to give this space personality without a doubt. We only have to take into account each of the recommendations provided today and without a doubt, we will have a super cozy and relaxing place.

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