12 Model How to Decorate a Grey Bath

How to Decorate a Grey Bath - When we think about remodeling the bathroom, we must take into account the storage options we want, the type of lighting that we will place, and above all the color that will predominate.

Today we will talk about the design and decoration of bathrooms in gray, which has become an irresistible color for any room, now trending this year 2020.  Thinking about placing this color on our bathroom walls is not so difficult to do since most bathroom elements like washbasins, bathtubs, and toilets come in shades that we can combine.

A bathroom with grey tiled walls, with bathtub, sink, and sanitary in white and the rest of the elements such as the cabinets in metallic material will help you to have an extremely elegant bathroom.


How to Decorate a Grey Bath

Designed with a variety of materials, with geometric tiles on the floor in gray and black creating a vintage mosaic, with marble on the walls up to half height, leaving the rest to apply a shade of gray and wood accents on the floor and sink, bathtub and sanitary in white.


How to Decorate a Grey Bath

In this design we apply textured paper in light gray on the TEMPprincipal wall, as well as a large piece of furniture with a wooden stop where the sink goes, with white drawers for further storage, on the shower side was performed a tile work in medium gray.


How to Decorate a Grey Bath

Another bathroom where the wood stands out to add warmth and comfort, this time combined with gray metro tiles placed in a herringbone pattern. Combined with mirrors with rounded frames and a round carpet in white and grey.


How to Decorate a Grey Bath

Where the ceiling beams are visible, with a sink placed on a wrought-iron table and wooden countertop, so it also has an iron shelf to place the towels, with walls painted in two shades of gray, with mosaic in gray and white stoneware on the floor.


How to Decorate a Grey Bath

For a rustic style bathroom, it is better to forget about borders and clay ceramics, on the contrary, you must use the technique of micro cement on the walls, which will leave you that rustic and above all-natural touch. For the floor, you can use two shades of gray tiles. The sinks are placed on countertops, which can be made of wood or micro cement and as a final touch uses faucets with a wink of the past.


How to Decorate a Grey Bath

Marble was used on light grey walls and floors, with excellent wood countertops, as well as sinks following the deluxe trend with gold or copper faucets.


How to Decorate a Grey Bath

When you have a bathroom with the raised ceiling, you can't miss the opportunity to make this bold design, with a unique combination. With grey tiles placed in six, sax and half the wall, the rest of the wall in jet black to the ceiling. Complemented by the d├ęcor with wooden shelves and countertop with white sink and golden taps.


How to Decorate a Grey Bath

This combination is really beautiful, with rococo style furniture, a large square mirror, and lamps in combination.  With grey tile walls at half height and on the ground a hydraulic mosaic.


How to Decorate a Grey Bath

The light gray color is like white, as it receives the clarity of light and returns it nuanced. Designed with white tiles up to the middle of the wall and the other half was painted in pearl grey, with sink and sanitary in white and on the floor a mosaic in gray and black.


How to Decorate a Grey Bath

When you have enough space in your bathroom and good fluidity of natural light, the oil grey color fits it very well, combined with antique white tiles, and with a floor with a beautiful mosaic, also complements this design with lamps with an antique touch and wooden furniture.


How to Decorate a Grey Bath

We can tell you that, among the most used and trending neutral tones this year we have, the color white, black, and of course the color gray. For example, when decorating and redesigning a bathroom we could place neutral tiles, white sink and toilet, furniture, and shelves in gray, white carpet and thus you get a very elegant and cozy bathroom.

The bathroom should be a room in which order is the main thing, this is how we always have to think about the option that allows us to perform good storage, to be able to keep everything in place.

When choosing bathroom items such as towels and furniture, we must take into account the colors that we have used in the design of the bathroom. We also have to complement the design with wood because if not the room will be left with a very cold touch.

How to Decorate a Grey Bath