2 Tips Ideas Design of Small Flat Baths

Design of Small Flat Baths Twenty years ago the bathroom was a secondary stay, with little life and with a really poor decoration. Normally, it was not given any relevance and on many occasions, it was an area that was tried to hide or was almost never shown.

The taste for the spa world and for taking care of us has gradually become more relevant within the house. The details are taken care of, decorated with paintings, vases, candles... At the same time, you are looking for sanitation with new presentations, bolder designs, and new features such as hot tubs or rain showers.

The materials have evolved along with the aesthetics of modern small bathroom designs. The new materials seek to clean themselves easily and find new textures such as embossed tiles that are increasingly demanded. At the same time, the latest trends point towards mixtures of textures and color to give more life to the decoration.


As you can see, it is a tiny bathroom, of just over three square meters, but with good proportions, which will allow us to organize the pieces in a way that is more comfortable and more spacious.


1. Align the toilet, sink, shower parts are the most important advice because it is the one that orders the space the most, allowing it to be perceived in all its magnitude even if it is small while simplifying the routes within the room.

If you look, before there were three very small spaces, one of them really useless, while now all the spaces have been unified into a much larger one, which serves to access all the pieces in a comfortable and functional way.


2. Place the bulkiest parts in the background, such as the shower or the bathtub, it is one of the best ways to get a bathroom with a greater feeling of spaciousness, in addition to a better space used.

In this example it is clearly seen as placing the shower in the background, we gain space to make it twice as big, while still gaining room to maneuver comfortably when leaving it. It is similar to what happens with the fitted wardrobes placed when entering the rooms, which create a completely useless mini corridor and significantly reduce the size of the room.


In a small bathroom design with a shower and in general, all are you have to take advantage and implement all possible resources to make the space as spacious as possible.

Thus, when choosing how to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom, it is crucial to use a transparent glass screen, instead of grinding or treated to acid, or a curtain. In this way, the eye can perceive the dimensions of the bathroom in its entirety, and even if the shower is not a space that can be used while using the toilet or sink, it is a visual undoing.


I recently told you the importance of order in the perception of spaces, and the continuity of the plans was a crucial factor for the human eye to better understand space, and to feel more at ease in it.

Thus, if instead of a bathtub or shower, we use the same bathroom floor for the shower area conveniently delimited by a screen the geometry of the bathroom will be substantially simpler, and that will help us perceive the space as more tidy and pleasant.

I hope you liked these four criteria on the design of bathrooms with bathtub and bathroom distribution. Although they are not a definitive guide, I am confident that they will help you in focusing on bathroom reform.